Wow! Surfing at the pool

In some American swimming pools, people have just introduced the use of artificial wave systems, which can produce waves as high as 3 meters. As a result, surfing sports enthusiasts will not have to bring skates to the sea anymore, but can somersault in the heart of the city.

The inventor of the artificial wave is also an American surfer. He claimed he was tired of waiting for hours on the California beach with a surfboard in the sand, in front of a quiet ocean.

Disappointed by not finding the waves of the required height, he began to think about producing water columns with a height of 3 meters perfect. The principle of this “wave generator” is very simple, because it only relies on bending a strong jet of water ejected from the heart of an appropriately shaped pool.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lướt sóng tại bể bơi

On one side of the pool, high-powered pumps release 12,000 liters of water a minute continuously. A strong wave of water with a thickness of tens of centimeters floated up on the floating section in front of the pool.

This floating construction forms a slight slope, until it becomes a wall of water that bends: a half-cylinder form flared off on one side to reach a height of nearly 3 meters. After passing through a part of the swimming pool, the water rose and stumbled onto this wall, barely fitting the time to turn around.

Entrained by circular motion, the water stream ended its journey by creating a giant wave. When viewing photos taken at a narrow angle, one can fully believe that the surfers are surfing on a real ocean wave.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lướt sóng tại bể bơi

Moreover, this artificial wave always creates a balance: it only rolls the wave without ever drifting away. Surfers first follow a small slide beside the pool. The end of the track took him to the top of the wave’s tip. He will have to take advantage of the force of the waves to climb the wall, surf on the water, spin, make spectacular jumps …

In terms of feeling, surfing experts say that the game in the water tank is more like skateboarding than surfing. Skis are made smaller and thicker to resist contact with the bottom of the tank because the artificial waves are very thin. Because of this, the vast majority of people playing on the wave are surfers.