Types of Surfing: Which One Is For You?

Surfing is the sport of adventure lovers. It is also important to choose the right type of surfing. Let’s find out!

Wave surfing

Wave surfing is one of the ways to surf without using any support equipment besides surfboard. On a 2 meters long board, the player stretches out to the ocean and paddles with his own hands. At the point where the big waves rolled ashore, the players stood up and then used the skills to control the board to surf on the waves. This is a technically demanding sport, so surfers are mostly professional athletes.

Paddle surfing

Compared to surfing waves, paddle boarding is somewhat simpler and easier to play. A new player can fully master the paddle surfboard after only a few hours of practice. In comparison with kayaks, rowing and inflatable ones, surfboards have lighter paddles which are much more expensive (around 200 – 400 USD).


With this sport, players use boards with sails attached to the force of the wind to surf on the sea. To be able to master the sail, forcing players to have time to practice. When not used to catching up and catching up with the waves and the wind, it is common to fall into the sea, hit the head of the mast, and the aching person because of the buckling of the whip of the water.

When mastering the skills and combining the body’s movements, to sail on the wavefront, players will be very fascinated when they want to conquer one challenge after another. Windsurfing players vary from professional, semi-amateur to amateur, depending on the waves and wind.

Kite surfing

It is also a sport that uses wind power to ride on the wavefront, but instead of sail, the player uses a dedicated kite.


Compared to other windsurfing, canoeing is the easiest sport to play. Not thanks to waves, winds, surfboards thanks to the pull of canoes.