Things to Know Before your First Surf Lesson (Part 1)

Summer’s on the way and if you’re looking forward to mastering a new sport, then there is nothing quite as cool and amazing like surfing! It may look easy, but you’ll quickly learn that it is not. It might easy looking at those you’re admiring, who fly with finesse on the water like a stranded whale in distress. But, don’t think you can do just that in an instant! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Luckily, all carefree surfers began in the same way you will, and with some good tips and tricks you’ll master the sport in no time.

Here are a few things to help you. Secure time to prepare and you will feel confident and ready to ride.

Mother nature always has the final words
Before going on straight away, it’s important to understand that you’ll be going against the nature, the ocean and waves which are super powerful force and you cannot win if you try and challenge these natural sources. The ocean allows us to play as long as we respect its power. Surfing teaches how to assess the environment around you. For instance, no waves are the same so you have to constantly measure, analyze to adapt. Surfing is not just simply as another sport because it requires more notions of humility and patience. The nature is unpredictable which are these reasons why it’s critical to secure a spot from the beach and observe what happens and how the advanced surfers are navigating the waves.

Learn how to swim
It is obvious but it’s still worth mention it. If you can’t swim or scare of the water, don’t surf. If you find yourself stuck in a current, it’d better that you know how to swim, and better, to swim well, to escape. Furthermore, if your leash snaps, you’ll have to swim to get the board. So, before you begin paddling out and jumping on a board, make sure you learn the basics of swimming to be safer out there in the ocean