The 2020 Taiwan Open of Surfing kicked off in Taitung on November 18

The 2020 Taiwan Open of Surfing will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. On this occasion, the 5-day contest which started on November 18 was held at Jinzun port, Taitung.

While most of the international surfing competitions this year have been canceled or postponed until further notice because the COVID-19 pandemic is very complicated and unpredictable. Taiwan has been excellent in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic without affecting daily life. Dai Dong has not recorded a case of COVID-19. Therefore, the Dai Dong government decided to hold the 2020 Taiwan Surf Tournament as planned.

The winner of the first prize will be awarded about 26,600 USD, the highest prize in the history of Taiwan surfing competition ever. With this fact, the event organizers hope to strengthen the promotion for the Taiwan Open Surf Tournament and continue to share this special event with the world.

The Taitung region bordering the Pacific Ocean creates a slow pace for locals and visitors to enjoy the mild climate and fresh air. These factors, along with the steady flow of waves suitable for surfing, make Dai Dong the perfect venue for a surfing competition. The Taiwanese regional government has been cooperating with the World Surfing League to hold the Jinzun Taiwan Surf Tournament since 2011. This annual international surfing competition attracts more than 30 top international athletes. over the years.

This year the competition will continue to cooperate with WSL. Since they have agreed to provide remote support to ensure the event is in compliance with WSL’s strict international tournament standards from pre-competition planning, scoring, live broadcasting, etc. After the COVID-19 pandemic ends, Taitung hopes to continue with WSL to organize this world-class surfing event in the future.

The Taitung regional government has been actively promoting various ocean activities and events. They cleaned up the beach, learned to surf, educated marine biology, local craft markets, kite surfing and sail surfing, and many other ocean-themed activities to encourage public participation. . All participants were able to experience with their own eyes the unique charm of Taitung and its picturesque vistas.