Skateboarding – the sport of the risky adventurous people


Surfing is one of the forms of surfing that does not use any equipment other than surfboard. On a board about 2 meters long, the player stretches out to the sea and paddle with his own hands. Arriving at the big wave to roll ashore, the player stands up and uses the skills to control the board to surf on the wave.

it is a technically demanding sport, so surfers are mostly professional athletes. Compared to surfing, surfing with paddles is somewhat simple and easier to play. A new player can fully control paddle surfboard after only a few hours of practice. Thanks to the paddles participants can travel longer distances and play on many different water surfaces such as the bay and the calm lake, even crossing the falls.

Surfboard with paddle is considered the origin of modern surfing, now comes back with a new look. Although quite similar to rowing boats, inflatable boats and kayaks, surfboards have lighter paddles and are also more expensive. Therefore, although quite popular in the world, in Vietnam, surfboard rental services have almost no paddles. If you are passionate and conditional, you have to spend between $ 200 and $ 400 to own a paddle board.

With this sport, players can also use boards with sail attached to the force of the wind to surf the surface. To be able to master the sail, forcing the player to have time to practice. When you are not used to welcoming and catching up with the waves and the wind, falling into the sea, banging your head against the mast, the person is in pain because he has to suffer from the whip of the water.

Compared to other windsurfing, skateboarding is the easiest game to play. No thanks to waves, wind, boards skimming by drag of canoes. However, to participate, players still need to take a basic course to balance the water. After tightening the life jacket, the legs are placed in a straight line on a longboard, clinging to the canoe zipper, controlling the board in a zigzag shape, leaving behind the giant white wall behind.