Signs to identify and prevent tsunamis

For many reasons it is not possible to predict the occurrence of tsunamis after oceanic earthquakes. Normally, if an earthquake occurs, scientists cannot immediately know its impact on the ocean floor, but wait a few hours later. Also humans cannot detect tsunamis if we are in the middle of the ocean, because they only show strength when they are near the shore.

For tsunamis, the time between successive waves can be 10 minutes, in some cases up to 2 hours and the wavelength can reach 500km. Tsunamis travel at a very fast speed, can reach 890km / h in the deep sea of ​​6100 m. It can cross the Pacific in less than a day.

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In addition, tsunamis can cause floods to reach inland up to 305m, even farther, water and debris cover the vast area. Tsunami floods tend to wash away their lives and property to the ocean.

Although tsunamis cannot be predicted accurately, scientists still have signs to identify an impending tsunami when we are near the ocean.

Firstly, pay attention to earthquake news, not only in your area but also in other areas. Tsunamis can be caused by earthquakes thousands of miles away.

Second, attention should be paid to strange sounds, because earthquake survivors say they hear sounds like a freight train.

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Third, when the water recedes rapidly and unexpectedly during non-ebb tide, it is necessary to rush to the shore. Rapid sprint is a sign of a tsunami. Many people died in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami because they went to see the coast when the water receded quickly.

Fourth, the first wave of a tsunami is not the most dangerous. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from the sea until the authorities report the situation is stable. Do not assume that tsunamis in places are the same, but they can also reach rivers and streams connected to the sea.

Fifth, if the spirit feels a tsunami is imminent, we should stay away from the sea, do not wait until the official announcement of the authorities, because the tsunami actually appears only about 5 minutes after the sign firstly.