Santa Cruz surfing spot is also unique ecotourism destination

Before tragedy struck, the 3.5-mile stretch of bay among Sand dollar and New Brighton seashores recognised on maritime maps as Soquel Cove had come to be an area of mystery, discovery and awe — one of the maximum uncommon ecotourism destinations on earth.

Charter boats, personal boats, drones, kayaks, and paddleboards combing the waters mere yards from shore. All searching for a glimpse of the magical creatures that had all started congregating five years in advance in such numbers that the area turned into dubbed Shark Park.

But the sandy beaches 10 miles south of Santa Cruz remained a part of day by day leisure existence for surfers, boogie boarders and beachgoers who opted to play in the waters notwithstanding signs and symptoms warning of the precise locals who call this area domestic.

Snap shots shot from above captured the bizarre co-existence and had been splattered across social media streams. White sharks lurking within 10 to 20 yards of unsuspecting humans, even though the sharks are frequently smaller juveniles that feed on small leopard sharks, skates and rays as opposed to the ocean lions or seals a wetsuit-clad swimmer might be mistaken for.
Stanford scientist Dr. Barbara Block calls Monterey Bay national Marine Sanctuary the “Blue Serengeti … an area as wealthy because the plains of Africa. however in place of lions, zebras and gazelles, we’ve got grey whales, orcas, humpbacks, white sharks and bluefin tuna.

“While we input the sea here, we’re in a completely wild vicinity.”

But not given that 1960, while a 16-12 months-vintage named Susan Theriot lost her leg at close by Hidden beach even as swimming with classmates on a school discipline trip, had there been an act of aggression by way of a white shark against a human right here.

seeing that 26-yr-old surfer Ben Kelly changed into fatally bitten on the knee via a subadult white shark at the afternoon of can also nine at Sand greenback seaside, this shared environment — which became close down for 5 days following the assault — has offered extra questions than answers.

Became the relative protection a few felt co-mingling with white sharks — those have been “infant sharks” in the end — a mirage?
Is the range of sharks in the location increasing or are there just more eyeballs on the sea?
As summer season methods, will the waters be secure for surfing, swimming and water play any time quickly?
There are few firm solutions. however key stakeholders — the scientists who take a look at white shark conduct and migration styles, avid white shark researchers helping tune the neighborhood populace and the surfers who love those breaks — assist deliver a better experience of knowledge.