Kitesurfing vs surfing: which is better? (Part 4)

Surfers are generally much less care about safety than kitesurfers.  Many will adventure in bigger waves, sometimes without even checking out in advance the currents, temperature, tide, and weather forecast.  Being relatively athletic people, they often count on their instincts and paddling capabilities to get them out of trouble.

If they’re careless, surfers might get stuck inside of a big wave, dragged far away by a rip current, thrown into rocks, and being hit in the head by their – or others board..

Kitesurfers are less exposed to currents and big waves since they can typically ride away using their kite. However, they may have their kite drop in the water because of a strong wind lull, or losing control as the wind getting stronger.

Equipment failure is another remarkable risk factor for kitesurfers – which is why preserving and checking in advance the equipment regularly, is crucial.

Kitesurfers who usually ride waves on a directional surfboard, even though they’re facing some of the same level of risks as surfers, are able to avoid one of the sport’s biggest risks, damages and source of injuries which is freestyle tricks such as rotations, big airs, and megaloops.

Surfing vs kitesurfing experience
These are some the main advantages and disadvantages of each sport in terms of feeling and riding experience:

Surfing pros:
Feeling of complete freedom – just you, the wave, the nature and the board under your feet
Relaxing time for enjoying the nature, the water and sunset while surfing on a wave
Great workout through swimming, paddling and duck diving constantly
Ultimate stoke when riding on long hollow waves or deep barrels
Fast and easy setup on the beach before surfing

Not feature by hidden lines and harness

Surfing cons:
Few really good days (swell and low wind) in the majority of surfing places
Surfers often must sit on a board for a long time waiting for a wave
More and more crowds everywhere wait b for the same waves