Indonesia Tourism is ready to host the 2019 World Surfing Tournament

The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism in partnership with World Surf League as well as a number of localities owning paradises, is planning to host 11 world-class surfing competitions in Indonesia in 2019.

Indonesia has many natural conditions suitable for organizing the World Surfing Tournament.

Du lịch Indonesia sẵn sàng đăng cai Giải Lướt sóng thế giới năm 2019

Indonesian media quoted the head of Indonesia’s maritime tourism promotion agency, Dwisuryo Indroyono Soewilo, said surfing competitions will be held at many beaches that Indonesian tourists want to explore, with hope. It is making the island nation become the world’s leading destination to show surfing sport.

“Indonesian tourism is proud to own hundreds of beaches that meet the conditions of surfing experience, of which about 30 places are highly appreciated by athletes and professionals. So, the 2019 World Surfing Tournament will choose 11 beaches to become the venue for top surfers, ”said Soewilo.

Du lịch Indonesia sẵn sàng đăng cai Giải Lướt sóng thế giới năm 2019

The best way to become a world-class surfing destination is to organize an annual Surfing Competition. The event is not only the new attraction of Indonesian tourism, this helps increase the revenue for local people as well as fast international exchanges.

Yuniarta Putra, who is in charge of Bali island tourism, said he felt the attraction of tourist sports events such as the approaching 2019 World Surfing Tournament.

“The hotels from Gianyar to Klungkung were fully booked immediately. It is interesting to know that surfing participants brought family, teammates and many fans from everywhere.”said by Mr. Putra.

Coming to Indonesia, visitors will enjoy blue sea water like jade, pure white sand stretching headline. Moreover, to Indonesia, you can admire the towering volcanoes, immense terraced fields, ravines after smoking, or majestic rivers in the wild tropical forests. As a museum living in Southeast Asia in ancient times, Indonesia was familiar but mysterious and peaceful but deep.

Neonesia is likened to the “sleeping giant” of Southeast Asia. From Singapore’s skyscrapers to the southeast, to the great sunbathing beaches of northern Australia, Indonesia’s 17,000 islands are like a bridge connecting the gulf between continents, creating a wild, different often and miraculous in Southeast Asia.

Big cities and humble ancient memorials, airy beaches with clear blue water and tigers, giant lizards, all contribute to the island’s difference. With many tourists, the journey to Indonesia is an adventure full of colors of landscapes, sounds and flavors.