Health benefits of surfing

Surfing is great exercise with tremendous physical and mental health benefits as it combines aerobic exercise, strength training and stress-relieving workout. Surfing is one of the top activities of being active in or near water. In this post, let’s share some of the amazing benefits of surfing, explaining why it is so good for body and mind.

Boosts heart health

Surfing is a great cardiovascular exercise that helps building up heart strength through a mixture of paddling, balancing on the board and working your core muscles. It gives the feeling of freedom while impact the overall fitness by impressively improving your heart health.

Studying the health benefits of recreational surfing

Researchers has been looking into health benefits of surfing and found impressive results of improving mental health by clearing the mind while spending time learning to surf as it requires complete focus and concentration. That’s why it is such a great way to step away from day-to-day life and wipe away the effects of stress. Another evidence-based technique for improving mental wellbeing is mindfulness in which one learn to develop an awareness of what is going on around and inside the body from moment to moment. The concentration and awareness demanded from people while surfing can be compared to as ‘mindfulness in action’ and a great way to meditate.

Helps coordination and balance

Surfing can be tricky but once you master the technique, you will love falling over it as it has a lot of fun and makes us smile. But standing up and keeping balance are what we strive to do and we love the sense of improved balance and coordination when standing on a board. All these practices also lead to an all-round better quality of life at older age, preventing serious or life-threatening complications from broken bones, maintaining good balance, coordination and muscle strength as well as staying independent.