Frequently asked questions about kitesurfing (Part 1)

Is kite surfing easy to learn?

Well, with a good instructor and a few days with the right winds, you’ll be up and going. It is definitely easier than surfing.

It helps if you have pretty strong winds (around the 20 buttons is ideal. It’s strong but not terribly strong) and shallow water, where you can stand up and restart your kite easily, because You will have a lot of trouble with waking up, electric kites or even sailing to understand the wind.

How long does it take to learn this activity?

Normally, a kite surfing course often takes three days or eight hours. That’s because during that time, the instructor can teach you everything you need to know to stand on the board and be self-sufficient.

After the course, you can rent or buy equipment and practice yourself until you reach the next milestone, stay with the wind. Most people find this to be extremely free because now they can return to where they started without having to walk up the beach.

Then the sky is the limit. You can practice going against the wind, turning, riding your toes, making your first jump

What do I need for kite surfing?

Kiteboarding is a heavy sport. We will always be jealous of surfers who just grab their boards and paddle out. On the other hand, while they sat there waiting for the waves 85% of the time, we were walking nonstop.

So what do you need? Well, let’s start with the obvious; You need wind and water. You will also need:

  • A kite
  • A control bar + line to control the kite
  • A harness hooking your control bar into
  • Board
  • You can also carry a pump to inflate your kite and a leash connecting your bar to your harness.

How much does kite surfing cost?

It’s not cheap, guys. The kitesurfing brand knows how to charge their device. It is a niche sport and brands cannot follow the economic scale. In addition, the lessons are usually about 100 USD per day and rent about 60 USD per day.

Having said that, you can often find great deals on last year’s devices or buy a lot of second-hand equipment at a much cheaper price. Take care of your device and it will last for years to come.

Examples of prices and new equipment:

  • 10m kite with rods: 1500 USD
  • Board of Directors: 500 USD
  • Mining: 200 USD

Example of used price, two years old, used equipment:

  • 10m kite with rods: 750 USD
  • Board of Directors: 250 USD
  • Mining: 100 USD