Frequently asked questions about kitesurfing (Part 2)

How old are you to kite surfing?

There is no age limit for kitesurfing. There are children out there like five years old. Children are quick learners, so as long as they can swim, you can start teaching them the basics.

Old age is the same. Do not let age prevent you from forever young! Kiteboarding with seat belts and fine adjustment bar settings is not heavy on joints or muscles but delivers great workouts and happy moments.

How long does kiteboarding last?

Kite materials are constantly better, but at the same time they are exposed to UV rays, saltwater, sand, and strong winds.

A school kite, used and abused almost every day can be done after a season, while a cared kite, mostly riding on weekends can last for years to come.

You may need to fix the first bladder leak or tear after a year or two, but if minor problems are fixed as soon as your kite is discovered, it will last at least five years.

What is free kiteboarding?

Freestyle is a type of trick-driven riding that focuses on Wakeboard-inspired, not-inspired tricks. In kiteboarding, kites and boards are often promoted as free, free, or style rides.

The free ride refers to cruises, enhances high jumps and rides different conditions from flat, tight and wave. Freestyle is the more acrobatic brother to drive freely, incorporating so-called new school tricks while not caring and keeping your kite low. Wake-style is a direct application on a wakeboard by cable and boat, keeping the kite low and often using sliders, stones and other obstacles to perform a trick.

Is kiteboarding an Olympic sport?

It is coming there. Kiteboarding is now a sport in the Youth Olympics, where they are competing in races. It is set to enter the mature arena in 2024.

What is the difference between kite and windsurfing?

Skateboarding comes first, and naturally distinguishes it from normal surfing by adding wind elements to the name. With that logic, kite surfing is also windsurfing. Or if we are attached to kitesurfing, windsurfing should be called windsurfing. That will never happen.

Windsurfing is a board game that uses masts and sails to harness the wind. Kitesurfing is a board sport that uses a kite to harness the wind.

But we can also define it as. Windsurfing is a sport for old lovers and kite surfing is a sport for the cool cat. But that would be a generalization.

Can you use a Wakeboard to kiteboard?

Oh yes, you can. You will need to be given a fair bit to make up for the big rockers on your Wakeboard though. Kiteboards are designed to be