Flow House – Surfing in the center of Bangkok

Flow House Bangkok is a beach and artificial wave club in central Bangkok that is a great place for all family members to have fun together, exercise waist and explore while learning new sports.

Players with different levels of experience are excited to pick up the board and perform many virtuosity, while children can jump into it along with the board. At first the staff is on hand to guide you with a rope and constantly gives you advice, correct posture, and often gives encouraging words.

For 550 Baht (650 Baht after 6pm or on weekends) you have 1 hour of surfing with a group of up to 7 people, which will usually include riders with many different abilities. But it’s really easy and friendship can be built in groups when people clap and cheer for each other when they can stand upright for the first time. Visitors to Flow House Bangkok are usually between 8 and 48 years old and young people with a young soul will also jump in if given the opportunity and also by gender.

Falling is a first shock but not as uncomfortable as losing balance on the air mattress. It was really fun when the water shot up making the player seem to be raised on a slope, whether or not the board is 1 meter long. Flowriding is an activity that causes a lot of laughter, beautiful photos, and honestly it can be addictive, proving to be a lot of frustration of players when staff quickly turn off the jet engine when the time is up.

Flow House Bangkok is located in A-square shopping center, opposite K-village, 26 Sukhumvit, near the intersection with Rama 4. It is the easiest place to take a taxi just a short walk from Phrom Phong bus station.

Other facilities at Flow House Bangkok include a children’s pool, sun loungers, sightseeing spots, surf shops and a Flow Bar serving beer, cocktails and smoothies as well as a light menu with burgers and hotdogs. with about 150 baht.

Now you do not need an ocean and the head-to-head, or the ability to fight through the waves before you can experience the daring feeling of surfing. Flow House brings surfing to the city and creates a day out for family or friends who want to relax.