Extreme sports can kill players

Walking on the rope connecting the two cliffs, diving deep into the sea or bungee jumping from the buildings are adventure sports that not everyone dares to try.


Skydiving appeared more than 200 years ago and may be one of the oldest extreme sports. Participants will jump out of the plane and can perform aerial stunts before opening the parachute. Despite being a popular sport, there are significant dangers.

BASE Jumping

This is a variation of the sport of skydiving. BASE Jumping players do not jump from aircraft but from tall buildings, bridges and cliffs. The number of deaths when playing this sport is a website statistics up to more than 6,000 people.

Bungee Jump

The player stands in a towering position, be it from a building or a bridge, with a seatbelt attached to a firm rope and dropping himself from above to below. Despite having safety belts, many people were injured or killed due to bungee jumping.


Surfing is a form of surfing that does not use support equipment. Waves as high as 15 meters are easy to engulf participants. Therefore, many people lost their lives when participating in this dangerous sport, including experienced ones.

Cave diving

Diving to explore the caves beneath the sea is also an adventure sport. These caves are located deep below the sea floor, lack of light and can collapse at any time. In addition, these caves have strong currents, limiting visibility so when incidents occur it is difficult to swim to the surface of the water.

Free diving

Participants will not have diving support equipment, they try to hold their breath for as long as possible or dive as deep as possible pushing their bodies to the limit of extreme endurance. The pressure is put on the ears, lungs, brain and it is very easy to get an accident. In 2015, free-diving champion Natalia Molchanova went missing while diving near a small island south of Ibiza.

Helium – skiing

The helicopter will take the players to the location on the ridge then they will slide down the slope. In 2004, 45 people died from participating in the sport.