Extraordinary Energy of Female Surfing Athletes Attacked by A Tiger Shark

Bethany Hamilton deserves to be a shining example of trying to overcome all adversities to achieve success and happiness. Losing a hand after the accident, she still won many championships as well as inspired many people with a movie with impressive rating.

The legendary story begins on a beautiful, sunny morning filled the surface of Kauai (Hawaii) nearly 17 years ago. Bethany Hamilton and her family of close friends Alana Blanchard hugged the boards plunging into the sea playing with the white waves.

However, Bethany did not know that it was the morning of fate for her life. From under the deep blue water, suddenly a 4.3 m long tiger shark rushed at her. It vigorously bit off her left arm when she was only 13 years old. Thanks to the quick wit of the Blanchard family, Bethany was quickly brought ashore. When she was hospitalized, her body showed severe shock due to losing up to 60% of her blood volume.

Luckily saved and only lost an arm, but with a 13-year-old girl with a vast future ahead, that would surely become a huge shock both mentally and physically. Miraculously, Bethany had never thought of surrendering to adversity.

Love for surfing helped her overcome all difficulties and gradually got used to losing her left arm. Only 26 days after the horrific attack, the female athlete born in 1990 took part in a surfing competition in Australia and immediately won the champion.

Bethany then won more titles inside and outside the United States. In early 2012, she met her partner Adam Dirks. And after more than 1 year of dating, the two returned to Kauai to organize a wedding full of laughter.

Currently at the age of 30, Bethany no longer competes in surfing. But she has plenty of time to enjoy happy family life. Bethany’s inspirational story becomes the source for two later films about her life, Soul Surfer (2011) and Unstoppable (2019). After its launch, Unstoppable was well-known on the IMDB movie review website for a high score of 7.1.