Experience surfing in Bali’s most beautiful beaches

Bali is dubbed the “Island of the Gods”, it is one of the most wonderful islands in Southeast Asia. The island is relatively small but always lively by water sports, especially surfing is very popular with many people. So where would be suitable for beginners to learn to surf and where would be suitable for professional surfers?

Padang Padang is a small beach located south of Bali, Bukit. The beach is suitable for novice surfers and professional surfers. The best point to surf here is from May to October. In addition, the Pad Curl surfing competition is regularly held in July every year. Surely there will be a lot of professional surfing performances waiting for you to watch!

Uluwatu is one of the most famous places in Bali, as it is the second most important island in Bali. This place is usually hunted by professional surfers, because the waves in the dry season here can be higher than 4 meters. Next to a temple is a village with lots of bars, including the popular Single Fin bar. From the cafe’s location, you can see the artistic image of a professional surfer and especially the Uluwatu sunset is something very different, surprising and magical.

The great thing about Balangan is that you can chat with many local people here along with the small restaurants lined up on the beach. Here you can buy a full piece of satay fried rice, but less than two dollars. While enjoying the food and watching the sunset, it is great to visit Balangan.

Located in the north of the west coast, Canggu will appear a modern-style village surrounded by green rice fields. The Echo Sea is a long beach, depending on the size of the waves suitable for all subjects: professional surfers and people like amateur surfing. Besides the famous Echo beach, there are many hipster cafés and interesting nightlife.