Experience surfing at an attractive Wave House Sentosa in Singapore

Coming to Sentosa island not only to see the sea or to relax in the blue water but also a place to experience the feeling of conquering nature and yourself at Wave House Sentosa. If you are used to surfing, then there is nothing more amazing than performing skillful jumps right away! This artificial surfing area will give you a feeling of real surfing, with strong waves and up to 3 meters tall but they are extremely safe.

With a large-scale design first appearing in Asia, Sentosa surfer has attracted a lot of surfing lovers, from professional players to beginners to experienced. It is hard to feel the difference from the real ocean waves, unless you have practiced this practice for at least a few years.

For new people, it may take the first hour just to be hit by the waves, but rest assured that there is a soft mattress underneath and the professional guidance team supports it. After that, you can be more proficient to throw acrobatics like longtime players.

Play rates are calculated by the hour, usually 35 USD/ person/ hour, weekend or holiday is 40 USD/ person/ hour. You can stay here playing surfing all day without fear of missing anything. Don’t be afraid to change your schedule without preparing swimwear or surfing gear.

Wave House has many areas selling swimwear, sunglasses, all kinds of tools for surfing and water games; or hearty dishes for snacks such as steaks, spaghetti, Pizza; There are also beer bars and drinks. This is also one of the exciting nightlife places on Sentosa Island. They often organize dinner with BBQ party on the beach, massage and skin care for girls.

So Let’s experience extremely¬†artificial surfing in attractive Wave House Sentosa when coming to Singapore!