Dogs are participated in the surfing contest


There are about 80 dogs with “fun” costumes showing their surfing ability at the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon contest in the United States. Dog Surf-A-Thon that’s a surfing competition for dogs is held on September 7 yearly, at Dog Beach, in the coastal city of Del Mar, on the southern coast of California.

On July 2014, this sport contest was held for the first time. Thousands of spectators lined up on the beach to see dogs which is as well as athletes. All those dogs showed off their surfing skills very very well. Although the weather was very sunny, but hundreds of spectators together with their owners jointly cheered for the contest.

The dogs that are contestants of different shapes and sizes participate in the contest. Dogs are dressed up or many bright funny costumes by their owners. All contestants must be worn a life jacket. Four-legged athletes are very confident and they also are not afraid of the waves. The judges evaluate the special contestants to base on the ability to ride the wave, their joys and the time that they stood on the board. However, some dogs are quite frightened when they surfs to strong waves.

In this first contest, the first prize was given to a British Bulldog. It’s name is Dozer. The dog is 8 years old. It is owned by Gigi Bagapror. “Dozer sleeps and eat a lot. It enjoys surfing and feeling funner when it set foot on the surfboard.” It’s said by Bagapror. Pooches that’s in this competition also have very skilled surfing skills.

The 2st prize was given to three dogs: Giselle that’s a Rhodesian, Gidget that’s a white pug and Skylar and an Australian dog. Owners and dogs are extremely interested because the prizes they had won.  Finally, everyone praised the contest so much because it brought a lot of joy and useful excitement.