Different Types of Surfboards and Surfing (Part 3)

The Gun

Guns are big shortboards designed for extreme surfing conditions which are quite easy to paddle, allow entering big waves quickly, with only minor disadvantage of being too big sometimes ( there are some that bigger than a longboard) making them hard to turn. They usually have a pintail and the length varies from 7 to 12 feet. No need to say that these boards are not suitable for beginners. In fact they are used by a relative small percentage of surfers on planet as it’s need big waves and lots of bravery to catch them. In most case, the most crucial drawback is the drop, the take-off when  trying to escape the foam and kick out of the wave.

The Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP)

A stand-up paddleboard is no different from a longboard, in fact it’s even bigger, wider typically range from 9′ to 12’, thicker and heavier. SUP surfers use a paddle to direct the board through the water. SUP are also available in inflatable version everywhere. It’s easy to maintain balance allow easy to catch a wave with them. They can be used from 1 to 60 feet waves and also be used in flat water spots, including lakes, rivers, and canals. 

The Tow-In Board

With the jet ski-assisted big wave surfing, short, narrow and low area boards are needed. That comes in Tow-In Board

which are designed with a small quad or thruster fin setup, foot straps, and are heavier than normal surfboards. Traditionally, tow boards has pin or swallow tails, and range between 6 and 6’6 feet in length. Surfing jet-ski is dangerous and only suitable to very experienced surfers, so beginners, look out please.

The Foilboard

A foilboard which also known as hydrofoil board is a surfboard built with a hydrofoil that extendable behind the board into the water. It causes the board to move on the surface of the water at various speeds. Thanks to the reduction of friction, hydrofoils can reach high speeds and move up at lower speeds compared to conventional designs. Although these boards are are still being tested by experienced surfers and need expert level of ability to be ridden which make them rarely used.