Attractive surfing sport at the beach

Surfing is not a complicated and difficult sport, it just needs to know the balance and the appropriate time between the two waves. Currently, in the best summer beach games still surfing sport, players stand on a wooden plate or light and wide composite material gliding over the first silver waves.

For a long time, the familiar surf spots are concentrated in the United States, on the island of Hawaii or in Australia around the world’s largest coral barrier, in South Africa around the Cape of Good Hope, the familiar Asia is the country. 17 thousand islands of Indonesia …

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The capital comes from a fun of American Aboriginal people and because of the pure beauty, nature, adventure, conquest and sport that has made it a popular game in the world.

Researchers and especially in his story, writer Jack London has called surfing the king of natural pleasures on earth. In 1908, the world began its first surfing club, the Canoe Outrige club of Waikiki (USA).

And Blake wrote the book Hawaiian Surfboard in 1935, which was the first book about surfing and he was the first person to take a picture of surfing from the water. In 1939, thanks to the advanced bulk-building technique, a series of surfing clubs were born on the West Coast.

In 1981, surfboard improved from short board to field. Brazil became the leading country in high surfing and made it spread to Mozambique, New Guinea, SriLanka, Pakistan, Oman, Antarctica, Russia …

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There are currently more than 1,000 surfing schools across the planet and 5 million surfers and the 2007 figure is 7.5 million. The annual surfing industry has earned $ 4.5 billion for racing countries.

Accompanied by magazines, books, television, surf museums in turn. Surfing has been a fun, sexy, advanced, affordable activity, when surfing the body and mind is completely liberated.