A Spanish woman arrested for surfing while infected with nCoV

Police arrested a woman surfing in the city of San Sebastian because she should have been quarantined after she was positive for nCoV.

In the context of the busy epidemic COVID-19 is hitting the world, it’s extremely important to ensure social distance and segregate sick people. The consequences that corona virus left extremely heavy when many people infected and died. The economy was also badly hurt. At this time, people’s consciousness is extremely important. Yet one patient went surfing and was later arrested.

Police wearing gloves and white protective gear handcuff a woman at a beach in northern Spain on September 7. The woman is said to be a beach lifeguard. At first, she ignored the police’s request. She refused to get out of the water before she got ashore and argued with the officers.

The police said that they were told that the person tested positive for nCoV. After that, she applied for sick leave but still went surfing. This is information from a local police spokesman told AFP.

One witness said the woman initially refused to wear a mask, which prompted a policeman to raise a warning baton. Eneko Goia, mayor of San Sebasitan, criticized the woman’s actions as irresponsible and uncultured.

Like other European countries, Spaniards with nCoV infection must quarantine themselves at home until recovering to avoid spreading it to the community. Offenders face very heavy fines. This is to control the rapid spread in this country.

The woman can be fined up to more than 7,000 USD for violating the quarantine rules. If her actions cause others to become infected with nCoV, the woman could face a fine of more than $ 130,000.

Covid-19 appears in 213 countries and regions. This pandemic infected 27.7 million people, nearly 903,000 people died, and 19.8 million people recovered. Spain is the largest epidemic region in Europe with more than 500,000 cases of nCoV infection and nearly 30,000 deaths.